One thought on “পিএইচপি -তে পলিমরফিজম – বাংলা স্ক্রিনকাস্ট

  1. I was just studying about design patterns and found that you have coded following Factory Pattern. I am not sure whether you have mentioned that or not. That’s why I am just mentioning that the pattern of this pattern is named as Factory Pattern.

    Suppose, we have an interface with a single method declaration and lots of classes who implements that method for each of them. I think only this part is called polymorphism.

    I must mention following points to avoid misunderstanding.
    1. Only interfaces and classes are not the ways of implementing Polymorphism. Basically these are two of many ways.
    2. Originally Polymorphism occurs when a single function can be applied to arguments of a variety of types. We called that Overriding. 🙂


    N.B: To avoid misunderstanding between me, I didn’t arguing with you. I have just added my knowledge with you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Nice Work. You have prepared this screenshot nicely. Thanks.


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